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Pyramid Possibilities

Pyramid Possibilities is our charity involvement program, where we strive to give back to the community and give our employees the opportunity to make a difference at work and beyond. We believe that giving back is a huge part of running a successful company.


Who We Support

Baruch Students

Baruch Scholarship

Each year PCG proudly donates a scholarship to the Baruch College Fund. Our gift not only helps to alleviate a student's financial hardships, it also helps to ensure they maintain enrollment, focus on their studies, and helps them graduate in a timely fashion. This contribution, which we are so proud of, has the power to change lives and provide our future generation of professionals with a new generation of educated leaders.

- Allyson Goodman, Owner/CEO

Pajama Program

Pajama Program

The Pajama Program is near and dear to my heart as a mom to three young children. This organization is a terrific match to PCG's commitment to the importance of family. Being able to contribute to a program that turns good nights into GREAT nights by offering books for bedtime stories and comfortable pajamas to kids in need is a memorable gift that impacts our youth and their precious future.

- Erika Mendez, Senior Vice President

Charity Water


I am so excited to be a part of a company that gives back and particularly to charity:water. It is shocking how many people do not have access to clean drinking water – something we take for granted as having readily available. I love the updates charity:water gives us also regarding how the money we contributed has been used and where the new wells have been built. It's truly an amazing cause to partner with!

- Ashlie Berardocco, Account Director

Bottomless Closet

Bottomless Closet

Being part of a company that is primarily women, as well as solely founded and owned by a woman, I am a huge supporter of Bottomless Closet. It's so important to me to have equality in the work force and Bottomless Closet not only offers professional clothes to women who cannot afford them, but they also offer assistance and support to help them find work. I am proud of the work we do with Bottomless Closet.

- Jennifer Goldrick, Director of People and Operations

She's the First

She's The First

She's The First is an amazing organization that helps girls become the first in their family to graduate high school. They are a perfect match for PCG, a woman run business, and all that we represent! We are able to sponsor one girl, all year long, helping pay for her schooling, housing, and supplies. It makes me so proud to know that there is a young woman out there in the world getting an education because of us.

- Lauren Schuman, Director of Marketing

City Harvest

City Harvest

It's important as a company to participate in your city and help create a cycle of giving. PCG supports City Harvest year-round but especially at Thanksgiving, when families gather around the table for a meal. Each November we have a company-wide food drive to help City Harvest with their mission to feed the nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger. I's imperative to make sure your neighbors have the chance to have a happy holiday too.

- Patrick Musacchia, National Talent Manager

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