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Going on the interview is potentially one of the most nerve-wrecking parts of the job search. You need to impress the interview and get across what a great worker you are in an incredibly limited period of time. That’s very difficult to do, and that’s not including time you’ll be waiting before the interview. You need to impress everyone from the moment you walk in the door, including the receptionist or other employees going about their business in the office. You might not realize that your body language is being evaluated just as closely as your answers during the actual interview.

Professional job staffing experts, however, can help you feel relaxed and at ease, which will help you present yourself as such during your interview. You’ll be prepared going in because your resume will showcase your relevant experience and qualifications, while you’ll also have answers and potential questions ready. If you are prepared, you won’t do things like play with your hair or fidget your arms and legs.

If you feel confident during the interview, you’ll also be less likely to panic. You’ll get predictable questions, but sometimes you’ll get a curveball like a question about what animal you think you’d be or what three things you’d take with you on a deserted island. These may seem irrelevant but it helps the interviewer get a feel for your personality. If you are panicking, you’ll try to make your answers as on-the-nose as possible, but that’s not necessarily what the interview is looking for based on the question.

Body language and offbeat questions may seem like they are irrelevant to preparing for a job interview, but recruiters from job staffing agencies know how important these two factors are to helping you get a job. They have seen candidates with ideal resumes and cover letters get knocked out of the running because they seemed too nervous or robotic during the interview. It’s the only time a hiring manager will have to get to know your personality, so make sure you’re ready for the opportunity.

Recruiters from a New York job staffing agency want to make sure you get the help you need during your job search, and that includes preparing you for the interview itself. They work doesn’t end when you have a potential job match; it ends once your happily hired and doing well in the position. Don’t let the interview be the part that ruins the opportunity for you. Practice and prepare for these job staffing opportunities with professional recruiters.

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