Get a job in your field of study: jobs in communications

The goal is always to get a job in your chosen industry, particularly if that’s what you studied in school and what your experience entails. However, that doesn’t always happen right away and it can be frustrating. Job recruiting firms are excellent resources for you if you are feeling down on your job search and you’re having difficulty turning up any leads. No matter what type of job you’re looking for in the communications field (and there are many!), New York job recruiters can help you.

Types of communications jobs

There are about as many different types of communications jobs as there are applicants applying for said jobs in communications. Working with job recruiting firms will help you narrow down your search into a particular field you’re interested in or a position in which your experience and skills will be of most use. So what are some of the options when it comes to open communication jobs in Manhattan?

Advertising. This is one of the most popular fields because it’s creative, interesting, and often glamorized. Shows like Mad Men have made advertising into something to be desired, but it’s not as easy and enigmatic as works of fiction would suggest. Advertising communication degree jobs in New York can be amazing opportunities to learn more about the field but you need to be prepared to work long hours on difficult campaigns and with a variety of different personality types.

Journalism. Working for the paper is another entry on the list of different types of communications jobs to which you could consider applying. Working for a newspaper or a magazine allows you to write about rich topics and see your name in print. It’s something to consider if you’ve got a background in writing and you see yourself as driven and ambitious enough to get the story. These jobs in communications aren’t for everyone, but job recruiting firms can help you get your foot in the door.

Corporate Communications. On an executive level, there is also work to be done. These types of communications jobs involve people making decisions on a corporate level, overarching decisions like how to go about advertising and what ad campaign seems to be working. Account managers are common titles for these jobs in communications and the position is a lot of responsibility. You are required to be able to handle multiple projects at once without losing sight of a single one.

Public Relations. Often called spin doctors, public relations professionals would fall under another popular category. People see themselves as Olivia Pope, but the job is much, much more than just holding press conferences and doing damage control. If you are lucky enough to find these open communication jobs in Manhattan, you’ll need help on the interview and that’s where New York job recruiters will be of use.

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