How to Properly Prepare to Leave Work Before the Holidays



With the holiday season around the corner, the next few months at work may seem very scattered. Between having extra time off for the holidays and taking your own time off for vacation, there will be plenty of occasions where you may be out of the office. And that’s okay! The important thing is to prepare properly for your times of absence at work so that you can enjoy your time off, while also ensuring everything runs smoothly while you’re out. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this:

Remind your boss, coworkers, and clients of the times you will be out of the office. It is important to ensure that nobody is blindsided by your absence at work. Be sure to send a reminder, whether it is an email, phone call or text, to those who will be affected most by your time on holiday. This way you can avoid any miscommunications and ensure that those you work closely with know about your plans.

Create a customized autoreply email and outgoing voicemail. To avoid angry emails or voicemails about why you are not replying to messages or returning calls, be sure to set up an autoreply email and voicemail. Make sure that these inform the people contacting you of how long you will be out of the office and who they can contact in your absence.

Prioritize your workload and look ahead at your calendar. Before leaving for the holiday, it is important to make sure that your most important work tasks are accomplished. Be sure to look ahead at your schedule for after you return to ensure that you won’t be overwhelmed immediately when you come back.

Clean your office or desk before you go. Be sure to throw out any trash or food, unplug electronics to save energy in your absence, and clear off any clutter from your desk. You’ll thank yourself later when you return to a clean and organized office space.

Your holiday should be enjoyable! Take the necessary precautions before you leave to ensure everything at work will be just fine in your absence.

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