Ideas for Holiday Gifts to Give Your Boss

With the holiday’s right around the corner, you may be starting to think about gift ideas for your boss. You should never feel required to buy your boss a present; however, it can serve as a meaningful and kind gesture at the end of a great work year.

To avoid gifting your boss something that would be considered inappropriately expensive or distasteful, check out our ideas for thoughtful and affordable gift options.

 Personalized Desk Supplies

Considering you work with your boss, getting them a gift for work makes total and great sense! A customized desk item, like this Mark and Graham multi-compartment desk tray, would add a tasteful touch to any desk space. An added plus: you know they will make great use of it! Other desk gifts include personalized desk signs, journals, and planners, or business card holder.

Food or Drink

Gifting your higher-up either a food or drink-related gift is most likely the safest buy for one simple reason: it is very easy to re-gift. Even if your boss may not have a taste for the bottle of wine you got them, someone else they know probably does. Besides, the thought is what matters the most anyway! A great sweet treat to consider giving your boss could be the Gold Discovery Tasting gift box from Godiva. Other great food or drink ideas include coffee sets, a wine of the month membership, or a gift card to their favorite lunch spot.

A Meaningful Book

Books can be great gifts even for people who don’t necessarily love to read. If your boss enjoys cooking, try gifting them a cookbook. Do they have a passion for photography? Try giving them a book on that. If they love inspirational stories, give them a motivational book, like The Power of One. Books can connect to people in personal ways and make for unique gifts.

Donate to Charity in His or Her Name

Instead of a physical gift this holiday season, consider donating to a charity you know your boss supports. Donating on his or her behalf shows your appreciation for your boss while helping make a difference too.


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