Office Etiquette During the Holidays

Appropriately celebrating the Holidays at work can be tricky. Office gift exchanges and holiday parties should be handled with proper etiquette to ensure boundaries are respected and no one feels uncomfortable or left out. Here are a few important things to remember when celebrating this holiday season while on the job.

Know your company guidelines. Every workplace celebrates the holidays differently. Be sure you are aware of your office’s particular standards and guidelines when it comes to things like gift giving and decorations. Some businesses are far stricter than others, so take the time to know what is appropriate at yours to avoid any misunderstandings.

If you do exchange gifts, don’t take it too far. Typically, the standard of proper gift-giving etiquette in an office setting is that presents flow from upward to downward. Therefore, it is not usually required for an employee to give their bosses or coworkers gifts. However, exchanging gifts can be a nice gesture and very meaningful to the people you work with. Stay away from giving gifts that are too expensive or overly personal. Also, be wary of making people feel “left out” if you are only gifting a few colleagues. Try exchanging presents outside of the office to avoid this. If you are stumped on gift ideas, check these out.

Your office holiday party is an office holiday party. Do not treat the annual holiday party your office has every year as something other than just that. It is a company event with your coworkers and higher-ups that is intended for everyone to celebrate a great year of work together. Do your part to keep it that way.

Be mindful. It is important to remember that not everyone you work with may celebrate the holidays or may not be able to afford to participate in the office Secret Santa. Respect personal boundaries by not forcing any office celebrations onto anyone.


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