Simple and Easy: Meal Prep Your Lunches!

Now that the holiday season is among us, it seems that your free and available schedule is now shrinking by the day, right? From gift shopping for friends and family, working extra hours, traveling for the holiday get-togethers, planning your own seasonal celebrations, and trying to get in that one session at the gym, the shorter days seem to finally be catching up.


This probably means you are resorting to buying lunch or ordering out to your office come lunch time. However, to help you save money and time this holiday season, we have a few of our favorite meal prep lunches ready for you to enjoy throughout the week!


Mason Jar Salads – We absolutely love the idea of mason jar salads! These adorable combinations of salad fix-ins stacked neatly in a delicious salad makes for an easy meal prep! Stacking these salads and keeping similar ingredients together help to ensure that these salads last long (making them perfect for meal prepping!)


Here is a delish combo we love:


Power Bowls – Put down that sandwich and reach for one of these delicious Mediterranean-inspired bowls! This delicious combo of veggies and quinoa makes a perfect lunch that is super easy to compose! Add your favorite veggies and a yummy simple dressing that will have your coworkers feeling very jealous come lunch time!


Recipe here:


Slow cooker meals – Utilize your slow cooker! On Sunday, let your meal cook low and slow and then serve it up into individual lunches when it’s finished! This will help you save time and money during the week and you’ll have a delicious lunch for every day of the work week before you even start it! This hearty lentil and veggie soup is perfect for the upcoming chilly weather, but there are hundreds of ideas to utilize your slow cooker!


Find this recipe for the veggie soup here:


Find the recipe for this turkey chili here:


Find the recipe for teriyaki chicken bowl here:

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