Why You Should Work a Seasonal Job

For retail brands and companies, the holiday season brings not only the most wonderful time of the year but also the busiest. Between Black Friday deals and seasonal savings promotions, people shop more during the holidays. As a result of the influx of business happening in the retail market, stores need all the extra help they can get to assist shoppers during this particular time of the year.

The opportunity for a seasonal job is one to take advantage of. Whether you are trying to make some extra money, seeking full-time work, or looking to transition your career, freelance seasonal work can benefit you in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the advantages of working a seasonal job this holiday season.

Earn money. The most obvious benefit of working a seasonal job this holiday season is that it is a great way to supplement your income.

Gain new skills, while improving the skills you already have. Freelance work offers a person the opportunity to work in a field he or she may not be entirely familiar with. You may pick up new skills in training or on the job that will translate well to other positions in the future. Seasonal work also allows for you to refresh or continue practicing abilities you already have, like communicating with customers.

Build your resume. Seasonal jobs look great on a resume because they fill gaps where you may have been otherwise unemployed. They also put your dedication to working on display which sounds excellent to any employer.

Potentially transition to a full-time job. If you love your temporary position and the company you work for, while showing a consistent effort and dedication to your job, a temporary job could turn into a permanent one. You never know where opportunities can exist!

If you are interested in working a freelance seasonal job this holiday season, email retailrescue@pyramidcg.com to set up a time to talk with a PCG recruiter about potential opportunities!

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