#WithoutHermione: Equal Education for Girls

What would the Harry Potter Wizarding World look like without Hermione Granger? What would the world look like without educated girls?  As a partner of She’s The First, an organization dedicated to getting girls an education and to graduation, Pyramid Consulting Group is proudly partaking in #WithoutHermione this fall.

So what’s it all about?

Imagine a world in which Hermione did not have the opportunity to attend Hogwarts. She would never have met Harry or Ron which means she would never have had the chance to help them defeat the evil Lord Voldemort. Nothing would have been accomplished without her!

#WithoutHermione focuses on how girls have the power to change the world. However, the issue is that not every girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential because she does not have adequate means for an education. This should never be the case.

She’s The First works to sponsor girls in underprivileged parts of the world to help them receive an education and support them in anything they want to do in life. By participating in the #WithoutHermione project and by sharing Hermione’s waitlist letter with friends and family, it shows support for girls everywhere to have an equal opportunity for education.

Pyramid Consulting Group, a female-founded and run company, is supporting the #WithoutHermione project in association with She’s The First, to advocate for equal education opportunities for girls everywhere. An educated girl can change the world, and nothing should get in her way to prevent that from happening. The entire PCG team is proud to support #WithoutHermione and will be sharing her waitlist letter on social media to begin a conversation about why making sure every girl can go to school and be a leader is important.

Get involved today and share her letter too! #WithoutHermione.


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