How to Handle a Career Fair Successfully


Between crowds of people and limited time to make an impression on someone, a career fair can have an intimidating and overwhelming environment.  However, if you properly prepare yourself and handle a job fair with confidence, it could lead to major opportunities in your career.

We asked one of PCG’s recruiters who regularly represents the company at job fairs, Juan, why they are beneficial to attend. He said, “By participating in a career fair, you can identify what employers want. After speaking to company representatives, you can ask yourself: are your skills in line with what they need? Going to a career fair is also an awesome networking opportunity. You never know what can come out of a connection.” As far as making a memorable impression, Juan said, “Personality is key! Being interesting is how you grab people’s attention.”

Besides focusing your energies on making a personable connection with recruiters, other ways to make your job fair experience a successful one include:

Research who is going beforehand. Being knowledgeable of what companies will be at a job fair can help you prioritize which you know you want to approach.    

Prepare a small bag to bring. You want to be comfortable and not lugging around some big bag or backpack with you. Bringing a small bag or folder with at least 20 copies of your resumes should suffice.

Have a pitch ready. Career fairs can be crowded and, as a result, you may not have enough face time with a recruiter to have an extensive conversation.  Be ready with statements you know you want to make.

Follow up after. Within 48 hours after a job fair send a thank you note or follow-up to everyone you spoke to, whether you are interested in working for them or not. Connections are only beneficial to make, and someone unexpected could help you later in your career.

Recruiters from Pyramid Consulting Group will be participating in various job fairs this fall including The New School’s on September 26th, Berkley College’s on October 3rd, and LIM’s on October 24th. Come out and talk with one of our PCG representatives there; it could be the next big step in your career!

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