Clean Desk Policy: How it Affects Your Work

A clean desk policy has further implications than just keeping your meticulously clean co-worker at bay. In fact, it has been proven that implementing a clean desk policy not only encourages employees to keep their areas clean but also keep their focus better and their secured information private.

If you are one who finds your desk messy at most hours of the day, you may think you work well, even better, surrounded by clutter. However, a clean desk policy could encourage you to alter your job ethic in many positive ways completely. Aside from the improved overall organization that a clean desk policy entails, some of the other benefits that come as a result include:

Ensuring private documents and information are secure. If your desk is free of clutter, there is no way you could have accidentally left any sensitive company documents out for anybody and everybody to see.

Saving time. Searching for a missing document you know you left in a pile under your stapler is time well wasted. Having an organized desk helps avoid this issue altogether.

Making a good impression. One of the most repeated requirements seen on job descriptions is ‘great organizational skills.’ Having a consistently messy desk isn’t an appealing trait and can many times come off as a direct reflection of one’s self.

Pyramid Consulting Group plans to implement our clean desk policy because of the many benefits that come as a result of them. An Account Director at PCG, Laura Menezes, shared her insights on why it is so essential to sustain an orderly desk: “A messy desk equates to disorganization. The last thing you want to do is forget where you jotted down that note, or put that important piece of paper. You will be more efficient and stay on task if you can easily access what you need. Also, your desk is your home away from home and reflects who you are through your organization. You should always want to be your best self.”

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