Work & Life: The Importance of Finding a Balance

Human beings are not robots. We should not have to work countless hours without taking personal time for ourselves and our families. Maintaining a healthy professional and life balance is an incredibly important, yet sometimes overlooked, aspect of the modern day work place. Ensuring that you are giving enough attention to both your career and your home life is not always the easiest task, but it is a necessary one.

Pyramid Consulting Group’s Senior Vice President, Erika Mendez, agrees that a healthy work and life balance plays a role in a successful career. She believes, “I 110% believe you need to find a balance. You spend upwards of forty-plus hours a week with your team and at work, so it is a huge part of who you are, but you have to take time to be at home with family and friends too.”

Finding a balance between work and your life outside the office is no simple task. It can seem difficult or nearly impossible to achieve at times, but accepting and practicing a few lifestyle tips may help you find the balance that is right for you.

Leave your work at the office. The evening company phone calls and emails can wait. Devote the time you have with your friends and family to only them. If you work from home, schedule downtime and stick to it.

Take full advantage of your vacation days. An employee can achieve the reputation of a hard worker without staying overtime every night or passing on taking vacation days. Concentrating your efforts at work and doing your job well will lead to you knowing you deserve to take time off with your loved ones.

Be transparent about your needs and schedule. If you know there will be days you have to leave early to pick your kids up from school, or that you volunteer somewhere every Tuesday and aren’t available then, communicate that. Your higher-ups are humans too and understand people have lives outside of the office. So as long as you put in your best effort while on the job, you will have time to maintain a happy life at home too.


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