The Benefits of Competition at Work

Competition, in healthy doses, has the ability to drive us forward and accomplish our goals. This also holds true in the workplace. Benefits of competition at work can range from receiving more hours, to earning a coveted promotion. Regardless of your goals, a bit of day-to-day competition with your co-workers can ultimately help you succeed at work in more ways than one.

It keeps you motivated

This benefit is probably the most evident in terms of competition. Setting goals keeps you focused and ready to take on new challenges. Additionally, the more competition influencing you to accomplish something, the more motivated you will be to head to work each morning. Thinking positively about your goals in a competitive environment will keep you determined to do your personal best at work- even if the competition doesn’t turn in your favor.

It keeps things lively among co-workers

Competition with your co-workers can be a fun way to get your office involved. Your competition can be measured in sales, number of clients, or even participation in a wellness program (a PCG favorite)! Regardless of the field you’re competing in, the office will feel eager to participate. Most importantly, friendly competition encourages camaraderie which can lead to a better overall office dynamic.

It showcases your ambition

Your supervisors will take note of your hard work in a competitive environment. Your motivation and productivity can skyrocket with a bit of competition, and your supervisors will see firsthand your determination to achieve even the smallest of feats. Ambition and determination are attractive qualities in any employee, so it will be beneficial in the long run to prove these to the higher-ups in your company.

Just remember to keep any competitions professional while at work or during work activities. Let us know what benefits you experienced with a little competition at work!

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