Work Stress: Its Effects on Your Health & How to Control It

Stress at work puts more than just your job on the line; it can put your health on the line too.

Between critical deadlines, overbearing bosses and aggravating coworkers, stress literally surrounds you at work. The APA found that the effects of work stress can directly relate to major health complications including high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular issues. Your full time career can also affect your mental health and anxiety levels. In short: your job may be making you sick.

If you find yourself feeling the physical and mental impacts of work stress it’s probably time to implement some changes into your daily routine. A few small lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to how work stress affects your overall health.

  • Make the most of your breaks. Whether a ten minute trip to the bathroom, or hour-long lunch break, utilize your free time as free time. Walk away from your phone or computer to avoid tempting work distractions. Go for a short walk to get your blood flowing. Have a carefree conversation with a coworker. No matter what you do, give yourself a mental break from your job to clear your head and keep you calm.


  • When you get angry or upset, try counting to 10 or walking away. Acting or speaking irrationally can lead to major stress in the office place. Thinking before you speak or removing yourself from a negative situation both work as good options when it comes to handling certain scenarios on the job.


  • Rest your mind and body when out of the office. Don’t let your work follow you home. Give yourself a complete break by spending your hours outside of the office working on your wellness. Taking proper care of both your mind and body is an essential aspect of keeping stress levels in check. Try incorporating healthy activities into your out-of-work hours like exercise, yoga, or meditation to accomplish this.

Stress may be unavoidable at work but it is also manageable. Implementing these tips into your daily routine will help keep your stress levels in check and health a priority.

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