Using Social Media to Benefit Your Career

Social media is often regarded as a personal medium. Alternatively, brands use it to get the word out on their product or to interact with customers. If you’re someone who wants to make social media more enriching, you don’t necessarily need to have a business. Your social media can always prove to be a platform to maintain your personal brand. Here are a few ways to tidy up your social media from a casual standpoint to allow you to start cultivating the right personal brand.

Follow relevant brands/companies/organizations

and repost and share articles they post. This will show anyone stumbling on your social media that you are engaged on current news and events. Don’t be afraid to start a thought provoking conversation with friends and followers about your favorite topics!

Share your work on social media

If you’re a creative- be proud- and share your work on your social media. We recently wrote an article on how to create the perfect online portfolio. Your next step is to promote your website link wherever possible. Be sure to include the link in the bio of your Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook for easy access.

Stay real, but appropriate, with your followers

It might be okay to post a luncheon photo with co-workers, but try to skip posting the night at the bar pictures. You never know what kind of vibe your feed will give off, no matter how harmless the pictures might be. It’s always better to air on the side of caution rather than post something that could compromise your current or future job prospects.

Communicate with potential employers

LinkedIn is probably the most popular platform to do this- but you can definitely gain access to potential jobs through other social media sites as well. Here at Pyramid Consulting Group, for example, we keep our Twitter (follow us at @pyramidcg) updated with our latest available positions- for all types of fields and experience levels. You never know what you might find!

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