PCG Partners: Rachel Levin Style

Our style expert Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style, is here again to answer another fashion in the workplace question!

How do some people do it? They always look pulled together and perfect?

If you are like me when it’s 6am and your alarm starts beeping, the last thing that you want to think about is how to complete your look. I would like to share the magic of my easy philosophy.

The rule of three.

I have read many theories on styling and accessorizing, all are helpful in the moment, and I find that I forget them the next. Perhaps it’s because I started my career in a more formal environment that I always find myself coming back to the rule of three. I am not talking about the traditional dress code where three pieces equal suit jacket+blouse+skirt, I am talking about three pieces or elements that complete your look. The rule of three can just as easily be applied to styling a collared shirt buttoned to the top popping out of a sweater with sleeves rolled to reveal thoughtfully layered stack of bangles. Matching watch and with belt with oxfords, cardigan buttoned up with a tie tucked in. How many components do you count? Three.

I encourage my clients to think about their outfit in pieces and pieces can be either clothing or a styling element. For example, you can make a statement with a jacket just as dramatically as with a strong lip. If you follow this simple rule I promise you will look polished for every morning meeting.


Please check out Rachel’s Instragram, and Facebook page for more ideas on how to look put together!

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