Work as an office administrative assistant

Landing administrative assistant jobs is a great way to get started in just about any industry. It might seem like a job that's below you, being an applicant with a bachelor’s degree, but you should be willing to give the idea some thought. Many times, holding admin assistant jobs in the industry you are interested in will give you an opportunity to get some much-needed "real world" experience. It will also give you an opportunity to meet people and make connections that can help you get ahead in the industry. In fact, an office administrative assistant is often considered one of the most important parts of the office; if you are able to get hired in administrative assistant jobs, you are ahead of the game in terms of furthering your career. 

There are administrative assistant jobs available in just about every industry. These jobs are also ideal for entry-level employees, such as those who have just graduated or are looking for a way in to the workforce. Administrative assistant jobs are filled by applicants who are able to keep the office running smoothly. Keeping track of appointments, filing, answering the phone, taking messages, filling out invoices, billing patients or clients, and keeping up with meetings are just some of the responsibilities that come with admin assistant jobs. If you think you can handle this type of job and make the most out of the opportunity, you should consider applying. The question then becomes: How do you find these jobs? How can you get yourself an interview?

Work with administrative recruiters

Using administrative recruiters is the best way to get started with your job search. They are excellent resources if you are having difficulties finding a job, even an entry-level one. First, they have access to all sorts of job openings and they work directly with companies to fill open positions. In fact, companies have become accustomed to turning to administrative recruiters first—before even posting the job.

Hiring managers know that administrative recruiters will only send them the best applicants, so it saves holding interviews, going through resumes, reading cover letters, and trying to decide who to bring in. Another added benefit to using administrative recruiters is being able to take advantage of their vast experience. They know how to do things like formatting resumes and writing cover letters that enhances your strengths as a possible candidate. They can help you highlight your skills and experience while making any weaknesses seem less glaring. You might think getting a job as an office administrative assistant will be a breeze, but you'd be surprised at just how much work is involved.

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