Leadership and Staying Grounded

Leadership is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding one. Perhaps you’ve been promoted to a director level position or maybe you’re now responsible for training a new employee at the office. Regardless of the leadership role you’ve taken on, you will need to focus on your team and your collective goals to see any […]

Warm Weather Office Etiquette

We’re finally seeing some delightfully warm days here in the Big Apple! Warm weather means lighter clothing and daydreaming of spending time outside in the sun. As we become reacquainted with spring, we should keep office etiquette in mind.   Dress Code Your place of employment most likely has a dress code. Perhaps you’re a business […]

Better Communication in the Office

Communication is key. We’ve all heard the phrase before, and we’re certainly always trying to improve it. The question then becomes, how? Your communication with your boss, colleagues, and employees can benefit from these simple to follow steps.   Listen Listening while someone is speaking is not only courteous, it’s also helpful for back and forth communication. […]

Giving Honest Feedback

No matter what career path you’ve chosen, you’re guaranteed to receive feedback at one point or another. Employees and businesses alike improve through various forms of feedback. Though you might be well versed in handling your own constructive criticism, how do you give it? Will the feedback increase productivity or boost morale? Or, is the […]

Organizing Your Desk at Work

Organization at work comes in many forms. We’ve talked about organization in planners and organizing your schedule before you leave on a vacation. One of the most important work related aspects we’ve yet to discuss, however, is desk organization. This is one of the most important and essential forms of organization at the office. Your […]