Earth Day Every Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Here are our ideas for you to try today and every day in your office. Stop Printing Everything Out It’s easy to print out your e-mails or copy a 40 page report for the whole office without considering the trees and the energy it uses. U.S. businesses still use about 22 […]

Our Favorite Business Books

After a quick internet search you will find there isn’t a short supply of “The Best Business Books” lists out there. Why so many lists? Our theory is that great employees want to keep improving their skills and why not learn from some of the best. That made us wonder, what books do our recruiters […]

Dealing with Rejection

Unfortunately, most of us have been rejected when searching for a new job. In a competitive marketplace it is hard to avoid rejection so here are our best tips for handling it and how you can bounce back quickly: Depending on how far you were into the interview processes, losing out to another candidate can […]

Social Media and Your Job Search

Have you ever googled yourself? Would you be comfortable with a potential supervisor seeing your social media pages? If not, you may have some cleaning up to do! CareerBuilder conducted a survey last year and asked 2,300 hiring managers if they look into candidate’s social media pages during their hiring process. They found that 37% […]