Follow-Up “ASAP”

Are you feeling stuck in your small professional circle? Expanding your network and making new connections are important steps for potential job opportunities. The person you meet during a career fair or at a networking event could be your contact for a new job.  The sooner you follow up with people you meet, the more […]

Email Etiquette for Job Seekers

This blog post was suggested by our recruiters who are in constant contact with job seeking and catching mistakes in emails all the time! Many people don’t realize that emailing is a powerful way to make an impression on someone and it should be used appropriately, especially when communicating with potential employers. Today, we put […]

PCG Partners: Rachel Levin Style

  Our style expert Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style, is here again to answer another fashion in the workplace question! Here is Rachel’s advice about men dressing for interviews: What your best advice for interview dressing for a guy? A suit seems so boring and doesn’t show off much of my personality. You bring up […]