How to Recover from a Bad Interview

  We’ve all had that moment in an interview: We give a terrible answer to a question and don’t know how to fix it. Unless you are extremely well rehearsed, all of your answers won’t be perfect. Everyone is prone to making mistakes, but you can know how to handle them properly. The most important […]

Being a Professional on Twitter

Used by over 300 million people Twitter is commonly used as a personal diary, but it is also important to consider it as a job networking tool as well. But why? Twitter can expand your professional network and inform you of important industry news. Whether you give your existing account a makeover, or create a […]

PCG Partners: Rachel Levin Style

Our style expert Rachel Levin, of Rachel Levin Style, is back again to help you out! Here is a question that was posted on our blog and Rachel’s advice: I’ve been working for the same company for a while and everyone dresses pretty casually. I would like to show that I’m serious about advancing my […]

Importance of Internships

As a student, internships can teach you more about the industry you’re interested in, or can completely change your mind about it. When speaking to many of our top clients they all agree: internships are an important part of a candidate’s work history. They are looking for someone with not just a degree, but a […]