Books to Read for Career Inspiration

We recently shared an article on our Facebook page about the correlation between career networking and book clubs. Our friends at Career Contessa explained that book clubs allow you to get to know people on a casual level. Additionally, book clubs provide a platform to discuss deep, meaningful topics. You can potentially develop lasting relationships in a book club- great […]

Leadership and Staying Grounded

Leadership is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding one. Perhaps you’ve been promoted to a director level position or maybe you’re now responsible for training a new employee at the office. Regardless of the leadership role you’ve taken on, you will need to focus on your team and your collective goals to see any […]

Warm Weather Office Etiquette

We’re finally seeing some delightfully warm days here in the Big Apple! Warm weather means lighter clothing and daydreaming of spending time outside in the sun. As we become reacquainted with spring, we should keep office etiquette in mind.   Dress Code Your place of employment most likely has a dress code. Perhaps you’re a business […]

Fixing an Email Error

So you’re working on an email pitch for a client or sending your resume for a job application. Everything looks great and you press “send”. Then suddenly, you realize everything did not look great- you made a spelling error or forgot to attach your document. Uh-oh. While typos surely aren’t the worst things in the […]