Join Our Recruiting Team

Do you thrive in a fast-paced work environment? Are you passionate about contributing to a growing team? Due to our constantly expanding business, we are excited to announce several job openings here at PCG. Hence, we’re currently seeking recruiters for a majority of our divisions.Take look at some of our open recruiting positions, right here at our headquarters in […]

Fixing an Email Error

So you’re working on an email pitch for a client or sending your resume for a job application. Everything looks great and you press “send”. Then suddenly, you realize everything did not look great- you made a spelling error or forgot to attach your document. Uh-oh. While typos surely aren’t the worst things in the […]

Hiring the Versatile Candidate

Often, candidates with varied experience seek jobs in different fields. What makes them so palatable in the job market? Why should you choose the well-rounded candidates over the incredibly industry focused ones? Diverse candidates make great employees because of their determination and adaptability.   They are always up for a challenge and are seamlessly adaptable. Versatile […]

Meeting Your Mentor

A while back we talked about the benefits of having a career mentor. But what should you talk about with your mentor once you meet? You’re likely meeting with someone in your field (or the field you’re trying to get into) with lots of experience. Perhaps you know exactly what you want to ask. This […]