Meeting Your Mentor

A while back we talked about the benefits of having a career mentor. But what should you talk about with your mentor once you meet? You’re likely meeting with someone in your field (or the field you’re trying to get into) with lots of experience. Perhaps you know exactly what you want to ask. This […]

When You Get Stumped in an Interview

So you’re in your interview. All seems to be going really well. You’ve nodded and smiled at all the appropriate times. You’ve eloquently described what you’d bring to the company. Then, you’re suddenly caught off guard. Perhaps a curve-ball interview question stumped you or maybe you just blanked on a question about your experience. Feeling […]

Careers for Creatives

Creative jobs, otherwise known as dream jobs for some, allow creative people to make money for their passions. Luckily, here at Pyramid, we offer a plethora of creative jobs through various clients. One of the benefits of having so many different divisions is we constantly receive new job openings around the country, daily. Moreover, if you’re […]