Stay in Touch with Your Recruiters

You’ve finally landed an awesome job, thanks to help from your recruiter. While you won’t necessarily need his or her services anymore, you should maintain contact. It’s a good idea to stay in touch with your recruiter even after finding a job for many reasons, but the most relevant come down to networking and new […]

Building Trust: Candidates and Recruiters

.Trust needs to be developed between recruiters and their candidates to produce a successful outcome. We sat down with Patrick Musacchia, our National Talent Manager, to talk about how trust can effectively be incorporated into these relationships. Selecting the Agency Candidates should really do their research when selecting a recruiting agency to work with. Patrick […]

Sending Thank You Notes

Why should you vocalize your appreciation? Studies often show an improvement in overall well-being and happiness in those who share their gratitude with others. The question then becomes, when should you send professional thank you notes and why?   Post-interview One of the most important musts while interviewing is sending a thank you note. Your […]

Ask PCG: Interviewing

Last week, we held our first ever Ask PCG Instagram Story segment. Erika Mendez, our Senior Vice President, hosted the event and informed our audience about interviewing.   If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled all of the questions from our followers and answers by Erika. Don’t […]