PCG Partners: Walking for Clean Water

Having access to drinkable, clean water is a no-brainer to almost all people in the United States. However, in some countries, obtaining water comes at the price of walking for hours bearing heavy loads, without even the guarantee that the water will be safe to drink. PCG Partner charity: water is dedicated to eliminating this […]

Facing Challenges At Work

Although it may seem obvious, stressful encounters within the workplace can be a common occurrence. Naturally, we all have disagreements from time to time, and that translates into the work environment. Whether it’s a challenge with a project you are working on or an issue with an outside vender, it’s important to translate your willingness […]

How to Ace a Second Round Interview

We’ve all been there—waiting nervously to meet the hiring manager that decides your fate. Getting it right the second time involves a different line of questions and answers that you may have faced during your first interview. You’re probably thinking—what more could be said? Companies often times conduct a second round interview to make certain […]

Being Mindful of Background Checks

Companies typically perform background checks to ensure their job candidates have a good public record. However, a poor background is no reason to be fearful during your screening! It’s important to be honest with your recruiter from day one. Whether it’s a criminal or financial mark on your record, readily admitting it early in the […]