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5 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Being attentive at work can sometimes be difficult. Especially, when you have had a long day or simply have other things on your mind. But if you do stay concentrated at the task at hand you may find that your day goes by fast. Here are some easy guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid Distractions

Having a to-do list doesn’t mean you stay focused on your work, it only means that you have a plan for the day. Having a plan for the day is a great guideline for a no distraction plan. But remember you may waste your time due to your personal interruptions like twittering, messaging and facebooking.  Turn those things off, put your cell phone in your bag and only do your work at working time and do all those personal things during your break time and see how your focus immediately comes back.

  1. Prioritize tasks

Your first task should be the most difficult or challenging because the start of your day is when you’re most proactive. So think about this the next time your planning your list of tasks for the day.

  1. Perform small tasks right away

After you have finished your priority list, get those small tasks off your plate. For example, if you have an email waiting for you to reply immediately, reply since it would only take you two minutes, just do it. Thus preventing small tasks to pile up and build up stress.

  1. Organize your computer

Keep your computer organized and clean. Have shortcuts for your routinely used programs and list your task folders in order. Looking for those things on your computer wastes time you could spend working.

  1. Refresh yourself

Drinking water can revive your mind or even having some snacks could keep you energized. Keep water and snacks nearby, so you don’t have to walk all the time to get them and make yourself distracted from your work.

Common Mistakes Made on Resumes

Resumes are a reflection of you and your recent work. They are important for job seekers to understand what you’re capable of and what you have accomplished. Here are some simple ways to fix any red flags in your resume.

Unorganized formatting

When putting your resume together think about the hierarchy of your information.  It needs to be clear and legible to the viewer. This also means be careful of blocky text and no negative space. There should be breathing room in your paper for the eye to move through your information seamlessly.

Spell Check

This is a significant factor that will make or break a resume. It is important that you double check and even have someone else read it before you hand it over to the job your applying to.

Too long or too short

If your resume is five pages long it is more likely to not get read. The maximum number of pages for a resume is two. The information relayed on the resume should be recent

Not including keywords

Most companies now digitally store their resumes in their system. To help speed up the process they look for keywords that are on the resume. If you do not list your skills or keywords of what the job is looking for your resume will be overlooked.

Don’t use inappropriate email

An employer wants to know you are mature and career driven. They don’t need to know you’re a cat lover or cute through your email address. Instead focus on using any combination of your first and last name. Don’t use : or Use: or

Don’t use crazy fonts or color

You want your resume to be easy to read. This may be hard if 5 different fonts are used to distract your audience. You should think about creating a simple theme that illustrates a piece of you. This will show you put time and effort into your resume, which job seekers like to see.

Read out other posts here about creating a great resume that is sure to get noticed!



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What NOT to do in an Interview

There are definitely some things that you shouldn’t say during a job interview. Because there are so many candidates applying to the same job, saying the wrong thing just makes it easier for the hiring manager to pass on you. You usually won’t get a second chance once you have made a mistake. Here’s a quick list of what not to verbalize in a job interview.

 Don’t talk about money

An interviewer wants to know about you, your personality, and what value you will add to their company. Talking about money could send the wrong message. Instead leave that off the table until the interviewer asks you about it.

 Don’t criticize your current/ex-employer

It can be a small world, especially in certain industries, so don’t be surprised if your interviewer knows someone at your current company. If you start speaking negatively about your supervisor or the company you work for it may come off that you are a difficult employee to manage.

 Don’t lounge in your chair

When you are representing yourself you want to appear confident and a simple way of demonstrating this is with good posture.

 Keep your phone out of sight

Never have your phone out during an interview.  This will be a clear sign to the interviewer that you aren’t giving them your full attention. It can be seen as disrespectful and rude.

Now that you know what NOT to do, you can focus on your prep for the interview. See our tips here!

Office Advice: Use Music to Boost your Productivity

The office world is different for everyone. Some people like the sounds of office protocol, the distractions of employees chattering, people on speakerphones, phones ringing off the hook, etc. But what if this is too distracting and you need to block out all these interruptions? This is simple, start by putting some headphones in and listening to some music. Music is a significant way to enter a flow state of mind that will harness your energy and concentration into your work. Listening to music may also help yourself to get lost in your work and get stuff done without any disruption.  Before putting the earbuds in, check to see if there is a policy about wearing headphones at work. If you get the OK, enjoy and get to work!

Sure Signs You’re in the Right Job

We are all looking for a job that will be rewarding at the end of the day. Jobs that feel like you haven’t worked a day in your life because it simply doesn’t feel like work.  It is difficult now days to understand what kind of job your looking for and especially if your in the right fit with your company.  If any of these signs are feelings you already have then you are already doing pretty well for yourself. If these signs are feelings you never felt before maybe you need to rethink you job situation.

Wake up full of energy

Do you ever have days where you are eager or excited to go to work? A lot of people are easily enthusiastic about heading to the office. This kind of feeling just comes ordinarily within their daily routine.

Happy attitude

When some people walk into the office they give off this happiness aroma, which in fact rubs off on everyone around them.  These people are vital to a company becomes it helps keep everyone on a positive mindset while working. Do you fit into this category?

Your days go by quickly

Instead of being one of those people whose eyes never leave their watch or simply the time, you are busy getting stuff done. Because you’re so busy and having a good time doing so your day is over before you knew it. The only reason you even wish you had more time is to continue getting work done for tomorrow so you’re ahead.

Continuously interested in new projects

When you are passionately working hard on a project, you get a feeling of contentment. The work process and how you got to that last finishing idea is gratifying. So when you have finished with one project you are ready to move on and experience another.

Company goals become your own

While outside of work you have made goals for yourself that strive to better your career. You look forward to hitting certain goals within your business too not only help yourself but your company as well.

Your positive attitude grows outside the office

People who love their job will not only have good days at work but also have enjoyable personal life. This positive energy inspires and attracts people toward them.

Our wish is that all our candidates find a job they love! If you aren’t in that kind of job now, don’t give up hope. Contact us and let us help you find something that makes you happy.

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Hidden Questions During Your Interview

Sometimes an interview question isn’t as simple as you think. Interviewers are expecting to hear not only your skills and experiences, but also gain insight to the way you think, your personality, and how you would fit into the company’s culture. Therefore, our recruiters have put together some tips to help you catch those hidden questions.

Listen to each question carefully

If your interviewer asks you to describe yourself, they might not want to just hear about who you are, but also about your thinking process. And if your interviewer asks you to describe your best experiences and skills, they may be looking to hear how confident you are and how you can evaluate yourself. The point is to listen to your interviewer carefully in order to figure out what they may want to hear from you.

Create a real dialogue

During the interview keep in mind that you should try and make it a discussion is not just questions and answers. By giving explanations, not just one word answers, you will be able to keep the interviewer interested in what you are saying. This gives you the chance to show a bit of your personality!

Do your homework

You need to be well-prepared before your interview, especially when it comes to industry news. If your interviewer asks you about current events happening within this industry, they may actually be looking for how well you understand what the company does and how it fits into the industry. This is a great chance to impress your interviewer with your professional skills and the ability to keep up to date on industry trends.

Remember, don’t limit your answer to the obvious and read the cues from your interviewer. This is the best way to find out the real answers your interviewer is looking for.

Advice for Relocating and Searching for a Job

Thinking about relocating or moving and need to start looking for a job? It’s easy to get overwhelmed or nervous about securing a job in an area you may not know that well.  For this reason, we have put together some suggestions to help you start you search.

Do your research

Before you start looking for a job, try and get familiar with the surrounding area that you are moving to. Look online, get an idea of businesses in that area and then identify which ones you would like to work at. Try and be specific, specific goals will help narrow down your research and keep you focused.

Tell your Recruiter

Once you have done your research and put your list together of companies, inform your recruiter of your plans. At Pyramid Consulting Group we staff nationally, we can help you find a position anywhere! We will reach out to our vast network and present your resume to our clients that have positions you are interested in.


If you know someone that you can contact in the area that you are moving to, enlist their help! Ask if they have any contacts at companies you have researched. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry. Online networking on sites such as LinkedIn can be the most efficient way to connect with professionals in your industry. Don’t be afraid to send them an InMail explaining you situation and ask about open positions at their company. Another way to get connected to with people is to contact your alumni or school career centers. Ask your school if there are any alumni groups where you are moving to.

We hope these suggestions help you feel a little more at ease as you make this big move! Another thing to keep in mind is once you have move, join a local group or club. This can be either for professional purpose or merely for your own hobbies, it can help you build your social and professional network. Good luck!

Unexpected Benefits of Working for a Small Company

When you are searching for a new job it can be temping to only apply to the well known larger companies in your industry. Have you given any thought to what it would be like to work for a small company? There can be a lot of benefits! Here are some of our top reasons to work for a small company.

Shape strong connections

In a small business there can be less hierarchy in the office.  Which means you can work for more then one boss. This can give you more opportunities for mentoring and may lead to the ability to make a big impression on people whom matter.  You may work close with owners, senior managers, investors, and give them the chance to see what you can do. These connections can last the rest of your life.

Knowledge of all aspects of the business

In a large corporate business you’ll only see a tiny piece of all the departments that work together on a single project. In a small business you will overlap tremendously with different departments and be introduced to more or all of the companies assets.

Expand your abilities

In a small company you will be able to work on a project from start to finish. This means you’ll be able to see the full process of brainstorming, engineering, and execution. You may even enter a new realm of skills and have to wear different hats in order to finalize a project. If you’re good with multitasking small business is more of an ideal job for you.

Find a new talent

While being experienced to these new skill sets within the small business you may find a new interest for something else.  Ever heard someone saying they “fell into” something else within there job, well this is how it can be done.