PCG Partners Presents: The Sill

This summer, we at PCG want to bring back our popular series, “PCG Partners”! This series spotlights the valuable partnerships our company has made with other thriving businesses in order to provide support for one another. This week, we want to reintroduce The Sill, a NYC Plant Design Company, to our readers who want to […]

Some Summertime Job Hunting Facts

Do you believe employers aren’t hiring in the summer? Well you’re not alone. Fortunately, for jobseekers this is a common misconception. According to CareerBuilder’s annual Summer Job Forecast, in 2015, season job hires were up to 36%, which is 21% greater than the rate from 2008-2011. Some other summer job hunting facts are from the survey […]

Why Hiring a Veteran is a Great Move

Adding a veteran to your team isn’t just a step toward corporate social responsibility, but it can also prove to have huge benefits for your human resource needs. There are definitely certain stigmas floating around about the difficulty of veterans’ reincorporation into the workforce, namely that their wealth of experience in the service would be […]

Writing a (Sort of) Awkward Email

In a career search, networking isn’t only the first step, but it’s also one of the most important steps! They’re the key to getting important in-person meetings that will eventually lead to interviews and even job offers. But there might be a situation where you have to enter into an awkward networking situation, maybe with […]

Mother’s Day – Everyday at PCG

A common misconception about being a working woman is that once you have a family, you will have to sacrifice work, or vice versa. Luckily, however, with the changing times and changing economy, women (and men!) are able to balance work and life better than ever. Just last month, San Francisco passed a city-wide law […]