Pyramid Possibilities: The Importance of Giving Back at Work

A company’s success cannot be solely determined by a profit number. The executives at Pyramid Consulting Group firmly believe that a huge part of running a successful business is giving back. Pyramid Possibilities, PCG’s charity involvement group, is a major reason for this belief.

Giving back as a company is a significant aspect of PCG’s success. Pyramid Consulting Group proudly sponsors Pyramid Possibilities, founded by CEO Allyson Goodman, based on her belief that employees should have the opportunity to make a difference both at work and beyond.

Lauren Schuman, the Senior Director of Marketing and Innovation at PCG as well as a major proponent of Pyramid Possibilities, believes, “When you have a thriving business, it’s important to share that success with charities that represent your company’s values. Being able to give back creates a sense of community, and it gives your business purpose beyond just earning a profit.”

We have seen firsthand that working with and actively donating to organizations we support not only benefits the charities’ causes, but also our internal company dynamic. Giving back at work can lead to increased office morale through the encouragement of an overall better corporate environment.

Another significant aspect of company involvement with charity is that it brings together all levels and departments of a business. Giving back promotes working as a unit for a good cause which provides employees an awesome opportunity to work as a team. Schuman added, “Volunteering is an excellent way to bond with coworkers outside of an office setting while meeting other members of your community.”

Pyramid Possibilities works closely with six different charities including She’s The First, which helps girls become the first in their families to graduate high school. PCG, a female-founded and run company, is honored to support a charity that works to improve the lives of underprivileged girls.

For more information on Pyramid Possibilities and how to donate to the organizations we support you can visit our website:



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