The Best Ways to Communicate With Your Recruiter

Communication is key when it comes to working with a recruiter. An honest, open relationship with your recruiter promotes trust in one and other, which is crucial for a beneficial job search.

An Account Manager at Pyramid Consulting Group, Jessica, believes: “Open and honest communication is mutually beneficial throughout the process so that we can work to achieve professional goals together. As a Recruiter, it is so helpful to receive updates from our candidate’s so that we can be effective and efficient with their searches.”

Candidates and recruiters alike can do their part to ensure transparent communication throughout the job search process. Here are a few simple ways to achieve this.

Establish the best way to get in touch. It can get confusing to use different platforms to communicate with your recruiter. Identify the best way for your recruiter to talk with you, whether it is phone calls, e-mails, or messages on LinkedIn. From a recruiter’s point of view, consistency here tends to improve the communication process.

Clearly identify your career goals. It is crucial that you and your recruiter are on the same page about your job search goals. Don’t be shy about being detailed when speaking about salary expectations, benefits or flexible hours. A recruiter’s job is to find the best fit for their open positions. Identifying your expectations with them will make the process easier for the both of you.

Don’t be afraid to decline. If a job your recruiter contacts you about does not interest you, tell them that! Don’t waste anyone’s time by being vague or unsure about a job you know does not interest you. Being transparent with your recruiter ensures not only an honest job search but an efficient one.

Always remain professional. There can be an array of triumphs and downfalls during a job search. No matter if you don’t get the job your recruiter had you interview for, or if you just become impatient with your process, always remember to keep a positive, professional attitude. Being gracious rather than unprofessional is the best way to gain the respect of your recruiter.

Recruiters want to see you achieve! Overall job search success comes from a great relationship with your recruiter which begins with open communication. You can contact a PCG recruiter today instantly through our live chat feature on

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