The Benefits of Working a Temporary Job

Temporary jobs may be off-putting for people who are searching for permanent placement. However, our Corporate Recruiter, Krista, is familiar with the many benefits of temporary positions. She believes, “Adding temporary roles to your resume not only helps to advance your skills but also makes you more marketable to future employers.”

She gave insight on what other significant benefits come along with temporary job placements.

They provide an income while your long-term job search continues. It is an excellent way to make a little extra cash while still being able to interview for other perm positions. Even though temporary jobs have definitive end-dates, they provide compensation for the period that you are there. This gives people the opportunity to make money without fully dedicating themselves to a company or business.

They give someone an opportunity to experience a new job in a different industry. If you are someone who is unhappy or unsure of where you are at in your career, a temporary job can give you a chance to “test-drive” a different type of opportunity. Short-term jobs can be an excellent way to try something new!

They fill gaps in your resume. It is not necessarily bad for your resume to show gaps of time when you did not have a job. However, working temporary jobs in those time periods can advance your resume, adding more skills and more experience that will help you when you start applying for perm roles again.

They could potentially lead to a permanent placement. Temp-to-perm roles exist! Proving yourself to be a great asset to a company during your temporary time there could lead to an offer for a full-time position. Afterall, opportunities can be found in unexpected places. Putting your full effort into a short-term position could lead to many great things.

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