Leadership and Staying Grounded

Leadership is no easy task, but it can be a rewarding one. Perhaps you’ve been promoted to a director level position or maybe you’re now responsible for training a new employee at the office. Regardless of the leadership role you’ve taken on, you will need to focus on your team and your collective goals to see any kind of success. Staying grounded in your leadership role will ensure a constant flow of productivity and positivity. Keep yourself in check with the following guide:


WHO is following you?

Your leadership duties will require you to constantly stay conscious of your team. While it might appear to be an obvious reminder, your overall awareness will help your team grow. Simply knowing the names of your staff won’t get you all very far. Practice continuous engagement with your team. Understand how your team works and functions as a whole and as individuals. This will improve your approach to decision making and it will improve it greatly. Your “who” will stay connected with the glue that is your leadership. Moreover, your knowledge of your team, their strengths, and their aspirations is the first step to achieving goals of any capacity.


WHY are they following you?

The “who” and the “why” go hand in hand in this guide. It’s not enough to say “my team follows me because it’s their job to follow me”. Good leaders give their team a reason to follow their direction- and not just any reason. Your motivation for taking on this role will play a huge part in the “why”. Likewise, your enthusiasm plays an important factor for inspiring your team. What makes you want to succeed? Chances are, your team will have similar sentiments. Keep your team encouraged and motivated to achieve (and hopefully surpass) their goals by setting a good example. Show them how to do a task, rather than simply ordering them to do so.


WHAT are you trying to achieve?

Usually, the answer to this question is better business. Working professionals all over the world are trying to achieve better business in one form or another. This can mean improving your customer relations, providing top of the line product, or even administering internal support for a larger team. Your awareness of your goals will help you focus on the big picture. In that same vein, it is your responsibility to keep your team in the loop. A team can only be as aware as their leader. Practice open communication through meetings, email correspondence, and/or quick briefings to ensure your team is as focused and goal-oriented as you are.


HOW will you achieve it?

Your knowledge of “how” to achieve goals will be essential in propelling your team forward. Chances are, you were selected for this leadership role based on your knowledge and experience in your field. Present that knowledge to your team and permit your team to contribute to the “how”. Begin to formulate a blueprint of your business plan with your team. How will you hit that sales goal or how will you pitch your ideas to a potential business partner? Give your team the full-circle implementation of your knowledge from “who”. Delegate tasks to your team based on your knowledge of their capabilities. Soon enough, you’ll reap the positive effects of your grounded leadership.


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