Warm Weather Office Etiquette

We’re finally seeing some delightfully warm days here in the Big Apple! Warm weather means lighter clothing and daydreaming of spending time outside in the sun. As we become reacquainted with spring, we should keep office etiquette in mind.


Dress Code

Your place of employment most likely has a dress code. Perhaps you’re a business causal office or maybe your luxury retail store requires you to wear professional dress. Chances are, the dress code isn’t going to change as the weather gets warmer. It’s a good idea to direct all dress code questions to your Human Resources department. Find out the nuances of presenting yourself on warm days. For example, is it acceptable to wear open toed shoes at the office? Retail stock environments might frown upon open toed shoes due to the nature of the job. Does your office participate in casual Fridays? More specifically, you might want to double check if your favorite springtime dress is office ready. Ask your HR team about a refresher meeting or email to talk about what is and is not appropriate.


Staying Focused

Warm weather encourages many things- and daydreaming is one of them. Of course, we’d all rather be outside enjoying the day- at the beach, at a picnic, etc. This isn’t, however, an excuse to let the weather get in the way of work. While it’s completely normal to wish we could take our laptops outside with us, it’s probably not going to happen. Give yourself a schedule of things to do to stay on top of your work. Hopefully, by completing everything at a decent time, you might be able to take your lunch break outside! Likewise, if your position allows, inquire about using PTO day for when you need a little rest and relaxation. Use the days leading up to your day off to get ahead on your work. You and your supervisors will be glad you were proactive about your time- and not daydreaming the work day away!

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