Fixing an Email Error

So you’re working on an email pitch for a client or sending your resume for a job application. Everything looks great and you press “send”. Then suddenly, you realize everything did not look great- you made a spelling error or forgot to attach your document. Uh-oh. While typos surely aren’t the worst things in the world, they can make an impression on a hiring manager or a potential client. The question then becomes: what should you do when you make an error in your email? You’ll want to immediately address the situation with a new email. Likewise, you don’t want to simply leave your error to chance, i.e. hoping the recipient doesn’t notice. The correction email will show your dedication to accurate information.


The body

The body of your email will essentially be the most important part of your correction. Depending on the severity of your mistake and to whom the email is intended for, you can be more casual or formal. Keep your message to the point and make sure you clarify the issue. Apologizing will definitely help! Try something such as:


“Hello again, 

Attached you will find an updated version of my document. Please disregard the first version as the information has not been updated. Sorry about that! Thank you!” 



“Good afternoon, 

Unfortunately, my previous email contained a document that was corrupt and will not open. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please see the attached, corrected version. Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns.”


The aftermath

After you’ve sent your response, all you can do is wait. Hopefully if all goes well, your email recipient will carry on with business as usual. Direct communication will help remedy the situation if further action is needed to mend your error. Remember to take a breath- as we all make mistakes and nobody is expected to be perfect. Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and pay more attention to details next time you correspond over email!

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