Stay in Touch with Your Recruiters

You’ve finally landed an awesome job, thanks to help from your recruiter. While you won’t necessarily need his or her services anymore, you should maintain contact. It’s a good idea to stay in touch with your recruiter even after finding a job for many reasons, but the most relevant come down to networking and new jobs.



Career-focused individuals are constantly expanding their networks. You never know when you might need a favor. Perhaps your company needs to staff a major retail event! You could call your recruiter for this. Here at PCG, we’re always excited to fill high-demand retail jobs and we’re always looking for eager candidates to present to our clients. In that regard, a friend of yours could be struggling to find an entry level opportunity fresh out of college. If you’re maintaining contact with your recruiter, you’ll be the first to know about new positions needing the perfect candidate. Referrals are always appreciated both by recruiters and people looking for jobs. Here at Pyramid, we offer a referral gift whenever you can help us find the right person for a job!


New jobs

Staying in touch with your recruiter is a really important asset in your career. Likewise, there’s always a chance you won’t stay at your current position forever. You might move or decide on a career change. For example, if your experience lies in retail and you’re trying to shift into the corporate fashion world, your recruiter can assist in creating a seamless transition. Hopefully you won’t be faced with a layoff, but in the unfortunate case that you are, turn to your recruiter. Your history with your recruiter will allow him/her to work off your strengths to ultimately achieve your career goals.


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