Writing the Ideal LinkedIn Summary

You might be wondering why a LinkedIn summary is needed when your whole profile is complete. In the age of social media, job seekers are always trying to stand out from the crowd. One way to grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters alike is by updating your LinkedIn summary with interests and requirements. Furthermore, your summary is the perfect place to show your authentic, career-driven nature. Don’t forget to check out some of our favorite LinkedIn summaries below!


Your interests and requirements

Your LinkedIn summary is the ideal space to advertise your interests. This can mean your passion for retail or your desire to work in a luxury fashion setting. Likewise, this can also mean you want to work with a larger fast-paced company because you’re experience is similar. You’ll definitely want to include your career requirements in your summary. This doesn’t mean your salary requirements, but it should include things like “looking for a full-time position”. Additionally, even people comfortable in their positions should update their summaries. Hiring managers, for example, can advertise for their company to attract the best candidates with a LinkedIn summary.



Likewise, your LinkedIn summary is perfect for showing the real you. While your profile will absolutely showcase your work experience and talents, your summary is open to more detail. Moreover, your summary will be the first bit of information recruiters will see when viewing your profile. The summary provides a succinct, yet detailed account of your personality. For example, you add in anecdotes about your life to show how you’re qualified for positions in your field. Hiring managers and recruiters will take note of your volunteering at a retirement home and how that might translate to genuine people skills in a customer service role.


More information

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