Marketing and Communication: A Closer Look

Marketing is an exceptionally in demand field across the globe. Here at PCG, we offer a variety of marketing positions for a diverse group of clients. Are you seeking an entry level position in the field? Check out our Digital Merchandising Assistant position. Have you spent many years in marketing and are looking for your next role? Come talk to us about our Marketing Manager position with a contemporary fashion brand. Regardless of your experience levels in marketing, you can always stand to learn more about this continually growing field.


It’s All About Image

Marketing and image branding go hand in hand. Thus, marketing professionals are always at the front of making businesses look their best. This quality creates a great need for new branding professionals. Social media coordinators, graphic designers, and copywriters all play pivotal roles in marketing.  A company’s image has great potential to exist as an advantage against competition. Therefore, the public relations and advertising fields pair nicely with marketing because companies strive to promote business.



People with careers in marketing have a large networking advantage. Marketing jobs of varying experience levels will most likely require you, at some point or another, to collaborate with external businesses. For example, a company’s marketing department might reach out to a charity to coordinate a walk or drive or some type. Networking can display itself other ways, like giving your company’s business to a locally owned printing shop. The relationships you build with customers and clients can come in handy later down the road.



Last week, we wrote a blog outlining different jobs you can learn about if you’re seeking some creativity in your life. Three of those positions were, in fact, marketing roles that we offer or have previously offered here at PCG. One of the more exciting features of the marketing field is that it allows for creative growth, both personally and professionally. People with degrees in art, creative writing, and communications have all landed in marketing in some capacity.

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