Ask PCG: Interviewing

Last week, we held our first ever Ask PCG Instagram Story segment. Erika Mendez, our Senior Vice President, hosted the event and informed our audience about interviewing.


If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled all of the questions from our followers and answers by Erika. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram account to stay tuned for our next Ask PCG event!


Question 1: What are your best tips to prepare for an interview?

Erika: Preparing for an interview goes beyond google maps and what to wear. It is equally important to practice answering questions, so you ensure to hit every point you want to cover. This is your chance to sell yourself, and what you can bring to the company. Think about the impact you could bring to the company


Question 2: What do I do when I get an interview question I wasn’t expecting?

Erika: Remember to listen to your interviewer. Need an extra moment to figure out how to answer a question? Take a breath, repeat the question, and be honest! It’s okay to take a moment to ponder what you think is the right answer, so long as it’s authentic. Moreover, employers want to hire you, not a rehearsed answer or response!


Question 3: How do I develop intellectual questions for my interviewer?

Erika: Asking questions can be a great way to show your level of engagement with the role. Make sure your questions are company and position focused. Likewise, do your research about the company. You might find articles online that can help you form open ended dialogue between you and your interviewer.


Question 4: What steps should I take following an interview?

Erika: Send a thank you note before the end of the day. Make sure to personalize, spell check, and showcase your enthusiasm for the job.


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