Careers for Creatives

Creative jobs, otherwise known as dream jobs for some, allow creative people to make money for their passions. Luckily, here at Pyramid, we offer a plethora of creative jobs through various clients. One of the benefits of having so many different divisions is we constantly receive new job openings around the country, daily. Moreover, if you’re looking to incorporate more creativity in your life, check out some of the jobs we’ve offered here at PCG! Don’t forget to visit our job board to see all our open positions. Let our recruiters know what motivates you to work creatively!


Graphic Designer

Graphic design is becoming increasingly more popular these days through high-demand of advertising. Therefore, graphic design is important when creating the brand image for your company. Graphic designers often are responsible for things like preparing and conceptualizing digital content, such as social media graphics/images, and online banner ads.

Social Media Coordinator

Often working hand-in-hand with graphic designers, social media coordinators are essential creative roles. Social media coordinators are in charge of publishing relevant content on all our favorite social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Likewise, this position has potential to involve a lot of writing- a great match for those with Communication or English degrees!

Digital Merchandising Assistant

The digital age is important in all fields of the job world, especially fashion. A digital merchandising assistant is generally in charge of maintaining the eCommerce segment of a company. How, you ask, is this creative? This type of roll is great for someone with an eye for web layouts and fashion. Furthermore, assisting is also a great way to gain experience that will propel you to even more creative opportunities!


Buyer roles are highly coveted positions in the fashion industry. Buyers are in charge of researching trends that can be incorporated back into the company’s retail merchandise. Buyer roles can range from assistant buyer to senior buyer for an entire division of a company. While you might need a considerable amount of experience for the latter, your creative abilities will play a part in all levels of this type of position.

Fashion Designer

This role is creative for obvious reasons. Fashion designers are exceptionally important to the fashion industry. Designers create trends daily. Likewise, many of the fashion designer roles we’ve had the pleasure of filling over the years have been in all sectors of the fashion world. We’ve placed designers in accessories, luxury footwear, and men’s and women’s fashion that get distributed all over the globe.

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