Future College Grads & Starting A Career

Looks like it’s nearly time for another batch of college graduates to enter the workforce. May is around the corner and college seniors are brimming with excitement for the next chapter in their lives. Whether you’ve got a job lined up after graduation or not – here are a few job search related tips to prepare you for the “real world”.


Talk to a recruiting firm, like Pyramid

Now, this might seem like an obvious pitch but we’re so serious. PCG offers a multitude of jobs in the fashion, marketing, and finance industries. Our recruiters love seeing new resumes fresh out of college because graduates are driven and ready to take on just about anything. Our services will help take some of the stress off of landing an interview and tweaking your resume. Send us your resume today at resumes@pyramidcg.com


Update your work wardrobe

Pyramid Partner Rachel Levin style talks about the importance of personal style when working and interviewing. Women will want to invest in the staples of work fashion– like blazers, blouses great for layering, and some straight leg pants (to name a few). Men should check out button down shirts, a nice pair of loafers, and a versatile briefcase. These clothing staples will go a long way and will last a while with the proper care!


Set career goals

These can be short term or long term. You’ll probably find it beneficial to set both. Ask yourself where you want to be 6 months to a year from now. Will you stay in the same area? Will you be working in the field you have a degree in? How will you work towards these goals? These are all helpful when determining your future. Likewise, ask yourself the big “where will you be 5 years from now?” question. Even if you’re not quite sure yet- these questions will help you define your plan. Moreover, they are great practice questions for potential interviews!


To find a more general list of real world tips, check out Forbes’ great guide here: https://www.forbes.com/entering-the-real-world

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