Freelance / Temporary Work: The Breakdown

Temporary and freelance work often get a bad rep for their lack of permanency. Working temp jobs can be intimidating because they are not secure positions. We hope that when one freelance assignment ends, another will begin shortly after. One thing is certain- the temp / freelance industry  is steadily growing. Research shows nearly 3 million temp jobs in the U.S. Job Market as of May 2015. Likewise, Pyramid Consulting Group helps fill a plethora of temporary positions every day. So what makes temping so great?


Temping is great for experience

Lots of recent college grads are drawn to temporary environments. These days it seems like you need years upon years of experience to get into your desired field. Temporary work can be a great bridge into your dream career because of the fact that it’s not permanent. You and your place of employment knows your contract has an end date. Both of you also know your willingness to learn the ins and outs of the field. This makes a great match because nobody will get their feelings hurt when you eventually move on to your next opportunity.


Temporary jobs also have the ability to last for years at a time. Likewise, your hard work has potential to pay off in terms of a permanent position. Lots of the jobs we fill here at Pyramid are temp-to-perm, meaning if all works out, the candidate will be placed permanently. While not all jobs have this option, it’s an important factor to note when applying for temporary positions. You never know when you might find a role that makes the switch to full-time, all the time.


Temping is great for networking

Another great benefit of temporary work is the likelihood that you’ll make a lot of new connections. For example, lots of our candidates are placed in the Retail and Fashion fields. Say you’re hired for a temporary position at a luxury fashion brand retail location. Your assignment might only last a few months, but you’ve really hit it off with the Store Manager. This can be great when looking for new opportunities as he or she can speak to your dedication to your work. Better yet, ask him or her to write you a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile!


Furthermore, working with a recruiting agency helps eliminate lots of fears about the “what’s next?” after a temp job ends. We keep all our candidates on file and will reach out to you as more great opportunities become available. If you’re looking to gain experience in the form of temporary work, check out our open jobs here: or send your resume to us at

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