Bonding with Co-Workers

Taking time out to bond with your co-workers can enrich your work experience. From low-key events to fitness themed events, there are plenty of ways to get closer to the people you work with– especially when you have more time outside the office. Here are a few of our favorite bonding activities:


Happy hour

Happy hour is a classic co-worker bonding event. Even if you’re not into the bar scene, happy hour can be a great way to let off steam. Chances are, your co-workers will be in high spirits. The ambiance allows everyone to feel relaxed and casual. Another great benefit of happy hour-like events is saving money!

Wiffle ball

Wiffle ball or any other sport can prove beneficial when bonding with co-workers. The team atmosphere encourage people to work together towards a particular goal- in this case it’s winning a game. You can always delegate tasks like score-keeping to those who are less inclined to competition.This type of activity is great for fitness-forward offices!


Dancing is a great form of self-expression. Every few weeks, we get together to learn a new choreographed number taught by one of our recruiters. This bonding activity can seem intimidating if it’s outside of your comfort zone, but you’ll be amazed how fast the staff comes together to learn and laugh!


If you’ve read our blogs before, you know that we love to get involved with our community. Pyramid is always trying to give back in ways like donation drives, lending a helping hand to kids, and more. Volunteering allows you to feel good while doing good. This is beneficial to bonding because you’ll have feel-good memories that will last a lifetime!

Themed events

These can range from holiday parties to baby showers to anything in between. If your office decides to throw a soiree or celebration of any kind, take some time to attend. Special events allow people in the office to come together and celebrate important events. Your presence (and your co-workers’ presence) will show your enthusiasm for all things office related.

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