Retail and Fashion: A Closer Look

Retail and fashion make up two of Pyramid Consulting Group’s largest divisions. Pyramid partners clients with passionate and experienced candidates to ensure all business needs are met. Whether you’re a seasoned fashion guru or just trying your hand with retail, we want you to take a look at some insight into the retail and fashion worlds. Send our recruiters your resume and get immersed in the field today!

Customer Service

How does working in retail stack up to other types of jobs? Retail brings people together. For one, everyone, at some point in his or her life, will need to shop for clothing. Though online shopping is gaining in popularity, shoppers still appreciate customer service experiences tailored to their specific needs. Many of our contemporary and high-end clients bring exceptional customer service to their customers- which is largely why they’re successful. If your passion lies in providing memorable experiences to others, retail fashion is your ideal field.

Innovation and Excitement

Another benefit of working in retail and fashion is the constant innovation and excitement that comes with the job. Trends are always changing, which keeps retail and fashion exciting. New colors, styles, and cultures constantly change the industry. Likewise, the customer base is always expanding as things like social media find new, creative ways to attract customers. Though there’s always bound to be a lull in customer traffic at one point or another, the next big sale will bring in another eager crowd.

Various Fields and Locations

The fashion world is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry, so there will always be opportunities in the field. While sales is one of the most heavily staffed areas, there are a multitude of other jobs to discover. The retail and fashion industries owe their success to warehouse workers and various corporate positions in HR, marketing, finance, and administrative (four more divisions we have at PCG) just as well.

Additionally, Pyramid mainly help candidates find jobs within the US, though that hasn’t stopped us from recruiting for jobs in places like Hong Kong. However, our available positions are located in a multitude of areas like New York (our largest network), San Francisco, Miami, and many other places in between. The retail field is ideal if you’re looking for exciting new opportunities.

Take a look here at some of our open positions. We can’t wait to learn more about your passion for retail and fashion!

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