The Essential Job Search Checklist

Pyramid Consulting Group is dedicated to making your job search as simple as it can get. Regardless of your status as a job searcher – from just starting out to 20+ years of experience, it’s never a bad idea to refresh yourself on some of the essentials of job searching. Here are some of the most important things to ensure you’re on the track for success with your search! Let us know what your essential job search checklist contains and how you’ve benefited from a recruiting agency like us.


An excellent resume

A resume allows employers to see your experience. Because you’re showcasing nearly everything you’ve accomplished in your resume (or your CV) it should look presentable and well defined. Some resumes gain from a unique layout – see how you can benefit from your creativity!


A well written cover letter

We’ve showed you how to have an outstanding cover letter. But what makes it so important? Why do we need this? Your cover letter is your hook to catch the attention of the right person. In the case of recruiting agencies; your cover letter should explain your passions about the field you strive to grow within.


Confident self-presentation

You’ll want to look the part for any job you go interview for. Likewise, your confidence plays a major role in your presentation. The way you shake hands and the way you sit will say a lot about you. Practice a firmer handshake and sitting up straighter-even if you’re an interview pro. You’ll thank us later!


A friendly recruiter

One of the benefits of utilizing a company like Pyramid Consulting Group is we essentially eliminate the hardest part about your search. Because we’re all experts in various fields, we’ll give you the upper hand in a specified search. Additionally, we’re dedicated to landing you a fulfilling role with the best companies and we stay in touch long after placement!

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