Staying Productive on Slow Days

We’ve all experienced a slow day at work. Your work is finished and your checklist is complete.The worst part is it’s only 2pm and you have to stay until 5pm or later. It’s seemingly lazy for to bide your time until you leave. How do you begin to approach this slow day without sitting around doing nothing? We’ve got some suggestions to keep you productive on even the slowest days.


Ask for more work.

Though you might relish in the relaxation, you should take advantage of the opportunity to work. Ask your co-workers if they need assistance on a project. Let your boss know you’re free until the end of the day to take on any extra assignments. Asking for more work is easily the best way to ensure you don’t fall into the midday slump. Likewise, you’re showing your commitment to your position. Your colleagues will thank favorably of you for taking initiative.


Plan out the coming days.

Perhaps you’re aware that next week will bring lots of work. Take some time with your planner or favorite scheduling app to prepare. Jot down all meetings and tasks that need to be done. Allocate when you need to complete all projects. Additionally, take note of anything you need to accomplish in your personal / home life. This way, when things eventually pick back up again, you’ll be prepared and ready to prioritize your responsibilities.


Get ahead with your responsibilities.

This is somewhat linked to our previous section. By planning out your day- you should be able to see what tasks need to get done in the near future. Your free time might allow you to start working on your upcoming projects and you should take advantage. Getting a head start on these tasks will open up your schedule as you finish them ahead of time – giving you a better chance for productivity in the future!


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