Staying Organized In Your Job Search

Job searching can be overwhelming- especially if you’re constantly applying to new positions day in and day out. Searching definitely becomes a little bit easier when working with a recruiter like Pyramid Consulting Group. Recruiters complete most of the tricky parts for you. We help match you with the right company and set up your interviews. The key to staying on target and focused during your job search is keeping track. You don’t want to miss an important deadline. We’re here to show you how simple it can be to utilize tools like your email, a notebook, and Microsoft Excel to ensure you’re organized.


Keep track of everything!

You should always be keeping track of everything during your job search. This includes emails sent, phone conversations completed, companies met with, etc.


Sorting your emails can prove beneficial. Make separate folders for emails with your recruiter and with potential new employers. Sorting emails prevents getting lost in the confusion of all your promotional emails. Add your contacts to your email server’s address book for even further organization.


Utilize your favorite notebook! Log any interview questions you found particularly difficult to answer or ones you found extremely helpful in showcasing your expertise. This is helpful in case you come across these particular questions in future interviews. Likewise, the more you practice talking about yourself and your accomplishments, the more confident you’ll feel in the long run.


You might find that keeping an Excel sheet is helpful when logging each new opportunity. Make columns for job title, employer/company, date applied, interview status, contact info, and location. It’s also somewhat helpful to add a column for a notes section- in case you need to remind yourself of any outlying important details about a certain position. One suggestion in the notes column is to keep track of the status of each opportunity. For example, you could write “sent a thank you email prior to interview. Waiting to hear back”. Furthermore, brushing up on your Excel skills could be an exciting new addition to your resume!



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