Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you trying to advance your career? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be intimidated by the stigma of stepping out of your comfort zone. Going out on a limb might seem scary- but there are several different ways that starting small can benefit you largely in the long run.

We’ve come up with a  few suggestions to get your gears churning. Let us know how you’ve achieved success by stepping out of your comfort zone! What methods worked best for you?


Offer to take a hold of a new project.

New projects will constantly present themselves at the office. Next time you become aware of a task you have experience with- offer a to lead or lend a hand to the project. This will show your supervisors and colleagues that you like taking initiative and can be comfortable with new change. Likewise, you’ll feel more confident after completing the project.


Sit in on meetings.

Take some time to learn what else goes on within your workplace. If you’re allowed to, sit in on other department meetings to see how you can improve company functionality. Besides, it’s always important to stay in the know about the inner workings of a business. Awareness within other departments creates a better flow of communication! Additionally, your presence at the meeting will show that you’re willing to listen and learn.


Speak up and offer suggestions.

You might know how to make things run more smoothly at the office. For example, if you’re an organizing wiz, offer to show your methods to your desk mate to help him or her achieve a better work flow. Offering suggestions can be super helpful on a larger scale as well. You’ll show drive and commitment to your job by sharing your points of view.

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