Are You Interested In This Interview Opportunity?

There are a lot of things to consider before going into an interview. When working with a recruiting agency, like Pyramid Consulting Group, it’s important to be fully aware of the job details before accepting an interview. We recommend staying in the know about your interviewer and the position requirements so that you’re 100% prepared going into your interview.

Here are some questions you should keep in the back of your mind before saying yes to an interview opportunity.

Am I fully aware of the job responsibilities?

This question is a key player in your decision to take the job. Perhaps your potential employer listed out all of the necessary qualifications for the role, but you’re unsure of how your skills play into what you’re doing. It’s important to ask any questions you might have in regards to your responsibilities. This way you won’t be surprised after accepting the position.

Am I comfortable with all of the job responsibilities?

Similarly to the question above, you want to make sure you’re going to like your job. Of course, an entry-level position might ask you to do something your dream job wouldn’t necessarily require. In this sort of case you’ll likely want to weigh pros and cons. Accepting a position that’ll teach you new skills is a great launching point for the rest of your career!

Who will I be working for / with?

Ask yourself things like “what values does this company possess?” or “what will the communication structure be like?” Say you love helping others and find this company does a lot of community outreach. Accepting this offer might be the best opportunity for you!

How is the pay?

This question is always important. Will you be paid enough to live comfortably? Do you think the pay is worth your skill set? List the pros and cons of whatever the salary or hourly wage might be. Even if the cons are even or a little higher, compare the rest of the job details. You might decide that pay ranks lower on your list of priorities than, say, job duties.

Am I eligible for any benefits?

Benefits may or may not be important to you in your job search, but reviewing them might prove beneficial. You might be swayed to accept one interview opportunity over another due to the company’s really stellar benefits.

How will this advance my career?

This question is one of the more important things to consider, even if the answer isn’t immediately known. Maybe you’re playing the field and testing out the waters in a new area. Maybe you’re working long and hard to achieve your dream job in a field you’ve loved since childhood. Whatever the reason might be- ensure you’re happy with your potential advancement before settling into a job.

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