How to be More Appreciative at Work

It’s important to acknowledge the things in life we’re most appreciative of. Appreciation of small and big things alike are important- especially when we take time out of our days to ensure our appreciation is known. Likewise, it’s important to remind ourselves about the great things so we  stay focused and driven in our work. By acknowledging and reciprocating appreciation, we’re making an effort to highlight the positive aspects about our work lives. Hopefully, we will start to see a snowball effect/ chain reaction in how we show our gratitude.



Take some time out of your day to think of all things you’re grateful for. These things can be as big or as small as you’d like. You’ll find that even the simplest of gestures could mean the world. Not only will reflecting allow you to recognize your appreciation for your job, it can also benefit things like integrity. According to this article on LinkedIn, reflecting on your core values will help strengthen your leadership integrity.

Saying Thank You

Sometimes, small things go unnoticed. Ensure your colleagues know you’re thankful for their help- no matter in what capacity it’s given. Forbes suggests there are at least seven benefits from showing your gratitude. Most importantly, saying thanks is important to building your relationships.

Giving Back

We’re always talking about how to give back to your community- but what about giving back at the office? For example, take an extra few minutes out of your morning to help the new person with the coffee machine. Large or small actions Reciprocate any helpful hand if you’re able to and you’re sure to reap the benefits of appreciation.


We’re excited to learn how these tips allowed you to feel more appreciative at work! Let us know how the tips have worked to your advantage. What are you most appreciative of in your career?




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