Staying Positive After Career Setbacks

Staying Positive After SetbacksCareer setbacks often catch people off guard. Thus, predicting setbacks is difficult to master. This doesn’t mean all is lost if you don’t plan for a direct hit to your career- however. Staying positive is one of the key aspect to overcoming the negative effects of a setback. Though positivity won’t always be easy to come by, but practice makes perfect. Here are some examples of how you can find a silver lining in the face of any career hurdles.

The Blame Game:

First off, blaming someone for the setback isn’t going to make anyone feel better. It’s important to take ownership if you realize you yourself contributed to the setback. However, excessively blaming yourself only feeds more negativity into the situation. Likewise, avoid any unnecessary blaming of anyone who may have contributed to the setback. Harboring bad feelings accomplishes nothing. Instead, discuss how the situation could’ve been handled differently.

A Learning Experience:

Staying open minded after a setback is essential to moving forward. After the initial defeat, look for ways to learn from the setback. Perhaps you could’ve approached your raise differently. Maybe you could have answered an interview question with a different example. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself for any mistakes. Keep a log of ways to improve your approach to career goals. It’ll be harder to try again if your confidence is faltering. Furthermore, check out our previous blog to see what you can do to boost that confidence.

A Second Chance:

Try and try and try again. Setbacks challenge the motivation we need to continue pursuing our goals. It’s imperative to keep additional attempts in mind. Trying again shows initiative and determination. Perhaps a missed promotion opportunity will lead to a better one. Besides, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, was rejected by 12 publishers before one agreed to publish her. Walt Disney himself was fired from a newspaper for lacking creativity. Don’t let your setbacks deter you because you might have a solid chance at success if you’re persistent.

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