Resume Trends and Tips for 2013

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With so much competition in the job market, it’s important to write a resume that stands out. And while your skills are invaluable, being aware of what recruiters are looking for when you apply to a certain position will help you immensely in your job search. If you’ve been out of the job market for a while (and even if you haven’t), staying on top of resume trends will keep you at the top of a hiring manager’s list.

Applicant Tracking Systems are Evolving

Sending out multiple resumes with little success? Your resume might be missing keywords relevant to your industry. With so many applications to sift through, most recruiters use a parser (a program which receives input and breaks it up into parts) to find what the computer deems the best resumes for a particular job. When looking to fill a position, hiring managers will sort through resumes by keyword, sometimes found in the job description, allowing the most qualified applicants to rise to the top of the pile. When you apply for jobs in the same field, take note of common words and phrases used in similar job postings. Using keywords will also help you tailor your resume of the job you’re applying to. Learn more about keywords here.


Using an infographic can be a great way to stand out, especially if you are in a creative field such as design, writing or fashion. Sites such as give your text resume a fun makeover that still allows you to present relevant skills in a professional way.  Remember that Automated Tracking systems won’t read graphics, so you’ll need to adjust your resume when applying online. Keep your charts available when you know you’re sending them directly to a hiring manager, or hand them out at career fairs. There are also services such as Loft Resumes, which will help you create a visually appealing alternative to a standard Word document.

Using LinkedIn Wisely

It’s time to delete that “references available upon request” line at the end of your resume. Use LinkedIn to have former employers and coworkers promote your skills and even write you recommendations. This allows hiring managers to see quickly that your skills are valuable. Make sure you have a professional photo for your profile, and make sure all your information reflects your resume. LinkedIn can also be a great way to connect directly with hiring managers.

Tips for any Decade

– Always highlight accomplishments rather than make a straight list of former duties and responsibilities. Using action words keeps your resume targeted.

– Readability is key. Try reading your resume on a phone or tablet to see how the formatting transfers over. If hiring managers can’t read your resume on a mobile device, it’s possible you’re losing points.

– A powerful resume does not list every single accomplishment from the last 10 years. Throw out the fluff and stick to what’s most important. Your resume should be short, concise and to the point.


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