Hello? It’s Your Future Boss Calling…

When you are actively looking for a job, your resume is most likely posted on various job boards.  Due to the easy accessibility of your contact information, you must be aware of how, when, and where you answer all private and unrecognizable phone numbers. You never know, it could be your future boss on the line.

Below are some tips on how to answer these calls and make the most of the time you have to speak.


  • Be professional. Do not answer your phone with a “Yo” or a “Hey.”  Something more along the lines of, “Hello, this is insert name.”  Make sure you have a pen, paper, and your agenda – in case you’re asked to schedule an interview. Take down the person’s name, number, and email address. Do not hang up without this information.  If you feel awkward asking for it, simply say:

“What is the best way to contact you if I have further questions?”


  • If you are not in a quiet and calm place, do not answer the phone.  Find somewhere enclosed, where you know you won’t be disturbed, answer or call back.


  • Do not answer these calls when you’re in your office or with current co-workers. If you see a private number on your phone step out and answer in a quiet place.

Do you have more questions about how to handle incoming calls from hiring managers? Please post on our wall. Have a great weekend!

Photo by: Inside Job Productions

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