What Motivates You At Work

Aside from bonuses, raises, and promotions there are other motivators that encourage employees to work hard and feel good about doing so. In a recent article on INC.com, Ilya Prozin makes some great points, listing nine ways to inspire. Ideas like positive reinforcement, small rewards, team projects, and company parties are all on our list […]

Make Your Seasonal Position Permanent

During this busy time of year retail shops are searching for temporary associates to help with the heaps of shoppers! The trouble is, unless you work part time and need to make some extra cash, you’re probably searching for a permanent role and don’t want to waste time in a temporary position this season. If […]

Culture Fit

Almost everyone has heard, “I’m sorry we went with another candidate.  Thank you for taking the time to explore the opportunity.” This statement is filled with many different meanings depending on the situation, of course. One situation that we’d like to reference in particular:  You weren’t a culture fit. What does this mean? When a […]

Holiday Contest – Win A Gift Card!

Yesterday Pyramid Consulting Group began their first annual SOCIAL MEDIA CONTEST! The two winners will receive a gift card and a resume make over! The Facebook and Twitter contests are being held separately resulting in two winners. Please feel free to enter both contests. However, you cannot win twice. Facebook Share Pyramid Consulting Group with […]

Referencing Your References

Have you ever wondered if your references come with an expiration date?   For instance, let’s say you have been at the same company for about three years. You decide it’s time to move on and start the job search process.  As you update your resume, write cover letters, and make the necessary connections, you […]