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Masked Salaries Scare Recruiters

In the spirit of Halloween we would like to address an answer to a question that tends to startle our recruiters.

The questions that evoke this scary answer:

“What were you making at your last job?”

“What is your current salary?”

The scary answer:

“I would rather not share that information.”

“Instead of telling you how much I’m making, how about I tell you what I’m looking for?”

In order for a recruiter to one, trust you, and two, help you find a job, you need to be honest and open with them.


  • They are working to help you and without certain information it difficult to network on your behalf
  • If you do not provide honest answers it’s hard to pin down the perfect opportunity for you
  • All information is confidential. We only ask to better understand your past, present, and successful future

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A Minimalists Approach to a To-Do List

In good practice, every night about twenty minutes before the end of the day, my co-worker and I go over all that we completed, new tasks to take on tomorrow, and “to-dos” that were pushed to the wayside that weren’t a priority. We call these jumpers. These jumpers make it on to the next day’s agenda.

In an attempt to avoid jumpers, which are considered to-do list page fillers, we are taking a minimalistic approach to our to-do list.

If you have trouble completing all the to-do’s on your list – here are some rules to follow to minimalize your task list, get more done, and leave those jumpers behind until they become a priority.