Working with PCG has it’s benefits…literally

In a recent interview, one of our candidates asked –

“Why do companies hire Pyramid Consulting Group if they already have an HR Department? What is the benefit?”

Brand Best

In addition to partnering with various brands to assist in scouting the best candidates for their open positions, our team is also representing the brand.  Once one of our candidates have met with us, face to face, our recruiters will divulge the name of our client.

When acting as the “middle man” between candidate and client, it is crucial that cords of the telephone never get tangled and all communication is smooth, quick, and effective.

As representation of client and candidate we want each party to have a positive experience with the other through Pyramid Consulting Group.

In No Time

In the time it takes to find a candidate with an internal HR Department – Pyramid Consulting Group can send numerous resumes with the candidate’s availability for an interview. Working with an agency is a time saver!

Quality vs. Quantity

We understand that it is more important to send quality candidates than inundate a client’s inbox with resumes “just because.”  The candidates that we send for consideration meet a majority of the qualifications in the job description.

We also pride ourselves in bonding with our candidates.  We spoke with them frequently, placed some of them previously (as temps) and received feedback on their performance. We are also familiar with their personality thereby making our decision to send them for an open position based on how well they will blend in with the company culture.

If You’re Small – Go Big

Some small businesses cannot afford to permanently employee a Human Resources Department.  A great option for small companies who aren’t always hiring is to meet with Pyramid Consulting Group to go over their candidate needs and to work with us on a project basis.  This saves time and money.

The bottom line is that Pyramid Consulting Group and its clients are working towards the same goal. We want to hire the best candidate for the position, in a timely manner, for the least amount of money. Save on your search!

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